D.C. Election Board Will Investigate Mayor's Nominating Petitions

The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has voted to proceed with one of the challenges to Mayor Tony Williams' nominating petitions -- ruling that Dorothy Brizill of D.C. Watch did the good faith research necessary to pursue her challenge.

Citing a lack of good faith, the three-member panel has voted to throw out a petition challenge mounted by D.C. Taxi Commissioner Sandra Seegars.

Seegars admits she didn't check the signatures of more than 10,000 petition signers against the voting rolls and registration cards on file with the District government.

Seegars contends she looked at every single signature on 513 pages of petitions, and that every single signature looked like a forgery to her.

Seegars has refused to assist the Board with its ongoing investigation of the Williams petitions. Instead she says she will appeal the dismissal of her challenge to the D.C. Court of Appeals. Under District law, she has three days to file for a court hearing.