Topics and Guests for Monday, July 22

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!

Alejandro Avila, the man accused of killing five-year-old Samantha Runnion, has been charged today with murder, kidnapping and two counts of "forcible lewd acts on a child." In addition, prosecutors may also seek the death penalty against Avila. 

We'll have complete coverage of all the day's developments from California including a live report and community reaction. And we'll have full analysis of the legal aspects of the case. Why wouldn't prosecutors want the death penalty if they believe they have arrested the man who committed this horrible crime?

Then, we'll take a look at the day's economic news and find out what it may mean for President Bush... Don't miss this segment when former presidential adviser David Gergen goes on the record with Greta.

Plus, more arrests in the sports world tell to you about. Who are these bad boys and why are they getting into so much trouble? We'll ask former Miami Dolphins running back Mercury Morris and sports media consultant David Scott why so many in the sportsworld seem to be headed to jail instead of the winner's circle.

Finally, speaking of the sports worlds... What happened to Tiger at the British Open this weekend?! We'll bring you the inside story on the end of Tiger's 2002 quest for a Grand Slam when Anchor Kelly Tilghman from The Golf Channel and Golf Digest's Matt Rudy sit down with Greta.

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