Timeline of Events for Saturday, September 15

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21:42:00 — Associated Press: Officials announce that the passport of a suspected hijacker was found in the World Trade Center rubble. It is not clear when the passport was found. 

21:40:00 — Station WOFL in Orlando, Florida reports that a Delta airplane has been evacuated at Daytona airport. Eventually it became clear the plane was searched because of a suspicious package. 

17:57:12 — Associated Press: A second arrest warrant for a material witness was issued by federal prosecutors in New York, the Justice Department said Saturday. 

17:07:51 — Fox News: The flight data recorder from American Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, shows the plane was going 354 miles per hour at the time of the crash. The voice recorder from the same flight was too badly damaged to be useful. The two black boxes from United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, were sent to their Seattle manufacturer for analysis. 

17:07:11 — Reuters: Bush telephoned Pakistan's leader, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, to thank Islamabad for its firm support in the fight against terror. 

16:57:41 — Officials hold a press conference asking for family members to provide hair and toothbrushes for DNA to help identify remains from the Pennsylvania crash site. 

16:01:41 — Fox News: The list of unaccounted for from the Pentagon strike has been adjusted again, bringing the total in the building and on American Flight 77 to 188 people. 

15:59:20 — Fox News: Investigation sources say a manhunt is being conducted for nine men in Mexico. Sources say the men "offered operational and planning support to the attacks." Intelligence officials say the group is led by Muslim cleric Moataz Al-Hallah.

15:08:19 — Fox News' Carl Cameron has learned of several tips prior to the terror attacks that were never fully followed up on or outright dismissed as ludicrous — including information that came from the Cayman Islands, among other places.

15:07:10 — At an emotional press conference, mayor Giuliani praises the heroism of the firefighters who fell in the line of duty and talks of how the city and country will emerge stronger.

14:33:22 Reuters: A leader of the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas says his organization's fight was against Israel alone and had nothing to do with Tuesday's terror attack on American targets.

14:21:17 Reuters: Top Bush administration officials will meet as early as Monday with executives at U.S. airlines hit hard by this week's deadly hijacking attacks, but the White House stops short of endorsing a multibillion-dollar plan to shore up the industry's finances.

13:58:10 Reuters: Iran is sealing its border with Afghanistan to prevent an influx of refugees.

13:56:13 Associated Press: The New York Stock Exchange completes a successful test of its computer and communications systems, clearing the way for trading to resume as planned on Monday.

13:46:56 — Justice Department officials say the material witness arrested in New York is the same man who had been detained by the New York Port Authority at John F. Kennedy Airport Thursday for presenting a false FAA license. The Associated Press has been incorrectly reporting that this is the man who was detained Thursday at the airport with his brother's flight certificate. That man, however, was a different person altogether, and was released after questioning.

13:44:31 Fox News: Two of four black boxes found at the crash sites are on the way to their manufacturer for information retrieval.

13:41:56 Fox News: In a conference call with the White House press corps, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is asked if the president could rule out the deployment of ground troops in a possible invasion of Afghanistan or elsewhere. "The president has not ruled anything out," Fleischer says at one point in his reply. Fleischer says it is meant only in response to the question about ground troops.

12:11:58 — Reuters: The cockpit voice recorder retrieved at the Pennsylvania crash site of a hijacked airliner appears to be in "fairly good condition," investigators say, raising hopes it will shed new light on the terror attacks.

11:55:46 — Abdullah Shami, political leader of the group Islamic Jihad, says, "We look at the Americans as enemies, because of the Zionist enemies, because the occupier is attacking us with American-made weapons, and the gas which has been poisoning our nation is also American-made. They are against our resistance, even though this is our right to be against occupation. Therefore, what happened in the States pleases us, yet we are not responsible for it."

11:53:36 — Reuters: About 25 people who have been questioned by the FBI about the hijacked airline attacks are in custody for possible immigration violations, federal law enforcement officials say. Of the 25, the officials say some of them may no longer be of interest to the FBI, while others may still face further questioning.

11:41:34 — Reuters: New York City's budget chief, who said that his role during the city's recovery was to make sure the city has the necessary budgetary resources, announces the city will sell $2.5 billion of notes as soon as possible.

11:32:19 — Associated Press: Continental airlines, citing expected drop in air travel, cuts schedule by 20 percent and furloughs 12,000 employees.

10:57:16 — A New York City official says that the generosity of people giving donations is extraordinary. For today, he says, the rescue site is saturated with donated food and other goods, which are so abundant they are getting in the way.

10:51:47 — The Associated Press: "Pakistan does not expect to take part in military operations outside our border," foreign minister Abdul Sattar tells a news conference. He goes on to say that Pakistan will comply with all U.N. Security Council resolutions to combat terrorism.

10:42:59 — 1,834 loads and 19,147 tons of material have been taken away from the World Trade Center rescue site, according to a New York City official.

10:41:06 — Testing on the stock exchange began at 10:00 on Saturday, according to a New York City official.

10:39:55 — An official fund for contributions will be set up in the coming days, according to a New York City official.

10:08:50 — President Bush says the country is at war and that an act of war has been committed against America by terrorists.

10:03:34 — Secretary of State Colin Powell thanks the president of Pakistan for his willingness to help the United States.

10:03:07 — Secretary of State Colin Powell calls the week's attacks an assault on civilization.

9:55:42 — The Associated Press: President Bush calls Usama bin Laden a "prime suspect" and urges military to "get ready." Bush warns that bin Laden cannot "hide from the United States" and tells American troops to get ready to retaliate for America's worst terrorist attack.

9:41:34 – The Associated Press: Police find "airplane-related documents" in a suitcase they believe belonged to one of the hijackers, federal investigators said.

9:25:27 — At the World Trade Center rescue site, Fox News' Molly Falconer hears reports that bodies of two more firefighters are pulled out of the rubble last night.

8:26:01 — Reuters: United Arab Emirates Oil Minister Obaid bin Saif al-Nasseri says that oil cartel OPEC will act immediately if prices rise above an acceptable level following Tuesday's attacks. Major oil firms are urging their staffs in the Persian Gulf to take care, restrict travel and prepare to pack up and leave if there is heavy U.S. military retaliation for this week's terrorist attacks.

7:35:23 — Reuters: German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping says the first decisions about the participation of the German army in possible U.S. military action will be made next week.

7:30:47 — Reuters: Afghanistan's ruling Taliban movement asks all foreigners to leave the country in view of a possible attack by the United States, the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press reported.

7:11:01 — Reuters: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urges the United States and other western states to avoid military action.

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