K-19, Stuart Little, Tadpole

Harrison Ford, a little mouse and a horny tadpole in the warm afterglow of The Foxlight.

Harrison Ford is doing a Boris Badenov accent in K-19: The Widowmaker. It's the true story of a rusty Russian sub that almost went nuclear in the early '60s. Liam Neeson is his Scotty down below bellowing, "We need more power, Captain." But true doesn't automatically mean good. It's long and claustrophobic. And with this film has Ford now served in every armed-force on this and every other planet?

Stuart Little roared the first time around so he's back for more. This time he's flying around Central Park. Should a movie like this really cost $120 million? And was the first one just a fluke? Michael J. Fox is back along with Nathan Lane and Geena Davis. The new voice in town is Melanie Griffith.

Finally, Tadpole is the wildly overrated Sundance darling. Sigourney Weaver is the object of her stepson's affection. John Ritter is the clueless dad and Bebe Neuwirth is the sitcomish floozy friend who pulls a Mrs. Robinson.