Signs That Suspect in Girl's Killing May Display

Samantha Runnion's killer has been described by authorities as a Hispanic man with slicked-back black hair and a thin black mustache.

In asking for the public's help, the Orange County Sheriff's Department and FBI released a list of possible changes in the suspect's behavior patterns. They include:

— Unexpectedly leaving an area for what is a plausible-sounding reason such as work or visiting a relative.

— Changes in normal consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

— Missing work or other routine engagements, particularly on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

— Unnatural, at least for this individual, interest in the status of the investigation. Paying close attention to the media.

— Noted display of nervousness or irritability.

— Unexplained injuries, bruises, particularly on the hands and arms.

— Changes in routine sleep patterns.

— Sudden shaving of facial or head hair.

— A noted increase or decrease in religious activities.

— No longer operating their personal vehicle. Could include suddenly keeping the vehicle in a shed or garage, selling it or trying to give it away to friends or relatives.

Citizens with information or possible leads were asked to call (714) 890-4280.