Topics and Guests, July 11

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Jim Angle reports: Stiff new penalties for corporate fraud and document shredding have been adopted by a unified Senate insistent on adding enforcement teeth to President Bush's plan to stem a wave of accounting scandals.

Panel preview: Is Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on the same page as the president?

Carl Cameron reports: Promoting President Bush's plan to fold 22 agencies into a new Department of Homeland Security, four top Cabinet secretaries urge lawmakers not to balk at the massive changes in the executive branch's structure.

Brian Wilson reports: Republicans help Democrats advance a bill for getting more generic drugs on the market, setting up Senate debate on an issue expected to figure prominently in this year's election campaigns.

Is an Iraq attack on the Bush administration agenda? Rita Cosby finds out.

Greg Palkot reports: The firing of an Arab university professor draws attention from the White House. Why?

Heather Nauert reports: Will he be able to fight his way through the doors of the Capitol? We find out from a New York firefighter who is running for Congress.


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