Oklahoma City police are looking into the actions of two officers during an arrest.

They were captured on an amateur videotape hitting an unarmed, 50-year-old man with their hands, knees and batons.

Police were called to the scene on Monday by Brian Bates, a self-proclaimed "video vigilante" who says he's been taping illegal sexual activity and reporting it to police.

Bates says he had seen the man who was arrested pick up a woman near downtown, and then followed the pair to a church parking lot. He says he called 9-1-1 after seeing them engage in what he calls "a lewd act."

Bates says he believes the officers on the scene used more force than they should have. He makes money from his "video vigilante" Web site and from regular appearances on a TV talk show.

Police spokeswoman Capt. Jessica Cummins said the incident is under review but that officers sometimes have to use force to subdue suspects.

No formal complaints have been filed against police.