Topics and Guests for July 5

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Topics and Guests for July 5:

¬ 9:03
The latest on the shooting at LAX
Marvin Badler, former head of security for El Al airlines

¬ 9:15
U.S. plan for Iraq
Retired Major Bob Bevelacqua, U.S. Army

¬ 9:20
A look back at July 4th celebrations: Did everything go smoothly? What worked best? What should be done differently next year?
Teresa Chambers, U.S. park police chief

¬ 9:35
Missing girl update
Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart

¬ 9:48
One nation: Last week members of congress leapt to the defense of the words "under God." They shouted the phrase on Capitol Hill and in front of every available camera. But what about the two words in the pledge of allegiance that come right before "under God?" Michelle Malkin, Fox News contributor

¬ 10:03
This is 4th of July weekend, how are we doing?
Retired Col. David Mcintyre, U.S. Army

¬ 10:35
Counter-terrorism: 4th of July is over: What is our next date of concern?
Bill Cowan, counter-terrorism expert

¬ 11:03
The latest on the shooting at LAX
Richard Marchi, senior vice president of Airports Council Int'l-North America

¬ 11:35
Fourth of July weekend security and how will president and top government officials be protected?
Ron Williams, former secret service agent


¬ 12:03
The latest on the shooting at LAX
Isaac Yeffet, former chief of security for El Al airlines

¬ 12:20
This is 4th of July weekend, how are we doing?
Retired Col. David Hunt, Army

¬ 1:10
Elizabeth Smart follow up
Howard Miller, former detective and polygraph analyst

¬ 1:35
Religious leader tied to terror
Brendan Lyons, staff writer for The Albany Times Union

¬ 2:03
Could Al Qaeda smuggle weapons past custom officials this July 4th weekend? How do we take measure that more than cargos are checked more efficiently
George Weise, former head of U.S. customs service

¬ 3:10
How did 4th of July fair out?
John Timoney, former Philadelphia commissioner and former NYC first deputy police commissioner

¬ 3:40
An Egyptian-American who sold weapons and even an airplane to bin Laden says the CIA not only turned a blind eye but actually helped! We'll speak to the man who was bin Laden's pilot!
Essam Al-Ridi, former bin Laden weapon's supplier and pilot

¬ 3:50
This man ate 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes!
Takeru "The Prince" Kobayashi, winner of the Nathan's famous fourth of July hot dog eating contest in Coney Island
Eric "Badlands" Booker, finished in 2nd place for the second straight year


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change