Topics and Guests for July 3

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Topics and Guests for July 3:

¬ 2:03
The fourth is just a day away what should the U.S. we be protecting?
Lt. Col Bill Cowan, U.S. Marine

¬ 3:10
Prosecution in Westerfield trial rests
Wendy Murphy, trial attorney and former prosecutor founder of victim advocacy and research sexual assault

¬ 3:20
Martha Stewart
Dagen McDowell, Fox News business contributor

¬ 3:32
Tomorrow is the 4th: Is the country prepared?
Bo Dietl, former NYPD detective

¬ 3:40
Military junkies? Is this an isolated bust or a regular occurrence in our military?
Major Bob Bevelacqua, Fox News Channel military analyst



NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change