Topics and Guests for Wednesday, July 3

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Here's a review of the rundown for Wednesday, July 3:

Martha Stewart may be taking most of the heat these days for possible insider trading, but how does she compare with the other Wall Street bad guys?
Paul Campos, Colorado University law professor

In a handwritten motion, so-called 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui asks for the chance to address Congress
Michael Weisskopf, senior correspondent for Time magazine

An Iowa judge orders Planned Parenthood to hand over pregnancy test results in hopes of helping police nab a woman who left her newborn baby in the trash to die
Staci Hupp, staff writer for The Des Moines Register

A new documentary called Rediscovering George Washington traces our first president's life from Virginia planter to commander in chief
Richard Brookhiser, writer and host of Rediscovering George Washington

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