Topics and Guests, July 1

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Jim Angle reports: President Bush forcefully defends school voucher systems, praising programs that allow taxpayer money for private schools after the Supreme Court upheld such a program.

Guest preview: Robert Smith from American Enterprise Institute joins us to talk about the wildfires in the West. Who's to blame?

Panel preview: Former Vice President Al Gore attacks President George W. Bush on his handling of the war. Is Gore getting ready to run in 2004?

Brian Wilson reports: Rep. J.C. Watts, R-Okla., will retire at the end of this term, citing family concerns.

Bret Baier reports: Warplanes respond to anti-aircraft fire in Afghanistan; errant bombing may have caused civilian casualties. We'll have the latest.

Rick Leventhal reports: A judge declares the federal death penalty unconstitutional, saying too many innocent people have been sentenced to death.

Eric Shawn reports: The world's first permanent war crimes tribunal officially comes into existence, hailed by supporters as a milestone in international justice that will prevent future Hitlers, Pol Pots and Saddam Husseins — but vehemently opposed by the United States.

Jennifer Griffin reports: Hamas extremists threaten to avenge Israel's killing of a senior West Bank bombmaker who Israel said was responsible for the deaths of nearly 120 people.

Catherine Herridge reports: The Fourth of July is an attractive symbol to potential terrorists and Americans should take extra care on the national holiday, Secretary of State Colin Powell says.

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