Topics and Guests for July 1

Is the Martha Stewart's empire in danger of being dragged down by the ImClone scandal? Will the domestic diva be forced to testify in Washington?

Retail guru Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz and Associates, and Seth Siegel, co-founder of the licensing giant Beanstalk Group, join the debate.

Plus, Rep. J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, the only black Republican in Congress and a member of the House GOP leadership, said Monday that he intends to retire at the end of his term. How will his absence impact the GOP?

And, the Hamptons Jet Set crowd is preparing to blast off for the July 4th weekend. Who's in, who's out, and how much inside information is being passed around? Jeanne Wolf, entertainment journalist and editor at large with US Weekly, and Peter Post, director of The Emily Post Institute, weigh in.

There's been little news over here for investors to applaud as corporate America tries to clean up its image. How long is this crisis going to weigh on the markets? I'll ask Prudential Financial's Ralph Acampora, and Jim Awad, president of Awad Asset Management.

After four months of wrangling, defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. agrees to buy TRW Inc. for $7.8 billion in stock, nearly $2 billion more than it originally offered. I'll sit down with Kent Kresa, chairman and CEO of Northrup Grumman, and Philip Odeen, interim CEO at TRW, to discuss the details of the deal.

Bad reviews, but great box office numbers. Is there a disconnect between the movie reviewers and what the public really likes? I'll ask Adam Farasati, senior box office analyst at Reel Source.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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