Below the Fold for June 23

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Star Spangled Censoring

PBS, which relies on government subsidies and public donations to operate, has banned a patriotic song regarding the 9/11 attacks from its annual 4th of July special.

The song, "The Last Fallen Hero" by country music star Charlie Daniels is a call for national unity in the war on terror. PBS officials say the song is not upbeat enough. Since PBS wouldn't allow him to sing what he wanted, Daniels dropped out of the event.

An Act of God?

When Frank Silecchia, a construction worker at Ground Zero, came across a large steel cross in the rubble of what was the Twin Towers, he said, "some will say it's velocity of physics that put it there, to me it's an act of God."

Either way, the group American Atheists is in a lather about the cross. The group is opposed to a plan to use it in a memorial to the victims of 9/11 because according to a group leader: "Atheists and other people-of-no-faith died in the attacks too."

Wave that Flag

Usually the American flag is flown upside down in protest or as a distress signal.

This past week at the D.C Housing Authority it was a sign of incompetence. A Housing Department spokesman said, "in the war against terrorism this may be perceived as a show of disrespect, it was truly a mistake and the person [responsible] will be appropriately disciplined."

No word on why it took until the end of the day for the flag to be properly displayed.

Money Talks

The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper may have discovered why Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney often speaks out for Arab-Americans even though the group is not a significant part of her district.

According to a weekend report, almost a third of the campaign money McKinney has collected in the past five years has come from Arab-Americans.