Sandra Bullock, Steven Spielberg, Tea Leoni and David Duchovny

Sandra Bullock, Steven Spielberg, and a new kid on the block in the newborn glow of The Foxlight.

Sandra Bullock out promoting herself? Nope. She's worshiping at the alter of another actress. She told a reporter recently what an amazing job Julia Roberts has done to open the door for women in Hollywood. According to Sandy, Julia helped every other female in Hollywood trying to make a blockbuster. Maybe she could help you pick a script or two, Sandra.

Steven Spielberg knows he's responsible for keeping a lot of people out of the water. Almost 27 years after Jaws the Minority Report director says people still come up to him.

SPIELBERG: They point their finger at me and say 'You're the reason I can't go swimming.'
MCCUDDY: And what about you? 
SPIELBERG: I'm not really an ocean guy. I stay out.

Finally, Tea Leoni and David Duchovny have a new kid. And that's what they named him. Kydd. No kidding. K-Y-D-D. Prediction? That "kid" will have a tough time with other kids on the playground.