Topics and Guests for June 12


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Topics and Guests for June 12:

¬ 9:20
Exclusive: Database exposes Catholic bishops 
Get ready for an interactive database which will out over 100 church leaders across the country
Brooks Egerton, investigative reporter of The Dallas Morning news

¬ 9:35
Man involved in road rage incident with Jose Padilla
Victor Lento, Lento was shot at by Padilla in an incident taking place in 1991

¬ 10:10
The impact of a real dirty bomb attack here in America
Dr. Steven Koonin, theoretical physics professor

¬ 10:35
What should we do with the "dirty bomb" suspect now that he's been classified as an enemy combatant?
Retired Maj. General Michael Nardotti, former judge advocate general of the Army

¬ 11:03
Morocco arrests two women linked to Al Qaeda
Why didn't intelligence arrest Padilla before the airport? 
Melvin Goodman, former CIA analyst

¬ 11:20
U.S. conference on Catholic bishops
Father C. John McCloskey III, director of Catholic Information Center

¬ 12:03
INS has told its agents to inspect baggage belonging to Vemeni citizens for large sums of money, thermos bottles and night-vision goggles. Is this profiling? And is it fair?
Marc Garber, former federal prosecutor

¬ 1:03
Missing girl
Candice Delong, former FBI profiler

¬ 1:35
Dog allegedly profiled his victim: A dog attacks an 8 yr. old black boy and a councilwoman who says the dog targets blacks and should be put to death
Wanda Jones Dixon, councilwoman 

¬ 1:48
Hollywood's most famous fly on the wall talks about her new book
Jackie Collins, author of Deadly Embrace

¬ 2:03
What should be done with Jose Padilla? Should the government and can the government treat him differently than John Walker Lindh? 
Kendall Coffey, former U.S. attorney
Bernard Grimm, defense attorney and former public defender

¬ 3:50
NY Jews to start armed patrols
Rabbi Yakove Lloyd, founder and president of the Right-Wing Jewish Defense Group

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change