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Last November, President Bush rolled out the White House red carpet for the two American aid workers rescued after three months in an Afghan prison.

Heather Mercer, 24, and Dayna Curry, 30, were held with six other aid workers for preaching Christianity, a capital offense during the era of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. They were released as the city of Kabul fell from Taliban rule on November 15 of last year.

Bush said faith played a large role in the workers' rescue. "It's a wonderful story about prayer, about a faith that can sustain people in good times and in bad times. Their faith was a source of hope that kept them from becoming discouraged," Bush said.
Mercer and Curry tell their story to Hannity & Colmes.
Heather Mercer, American aid workers
Danya Curry, American aid workers

Bret Michael Edmunds may have been in the vicinity of the Smart house in the days before the abduction. But what do they think he can tell them?
Angela Dumke, Elizabeth Smart's aunt
Sgt. Fred Louis, Salt Lake City Police Department

Were this week's announcements of the detention of Jose Padilla and a supposed plot to detonate a dirty bomb politically motivated?
John Kasich, former Ohio congressman
Rep. Loretta Sanchez, (D-CA)

Can anyone blame President Bush for not stopping the September 11 attacks?
Stanley Hilton, suing bush for 9/11 attacks

A councilwoman in Pennsylvania is convinced the city's only police dog is a racist. We'll ask her why. Could a dog be a racist?
Wanda Dixon, Mckees Rocks councilwoman

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