Witchblade Star Released From Rehab

After a nearly three-week hiatus, the TNT sci-fi series Witchblade has resumed production following star Yancy Butler's release from alcohol rehabilitation.

Witchblade, which features Butler as a New York City detective whose ancient, mystical weapon helps her fight villains, is one of the cable network's highest-rated programs ever.

Only six of the 13 episodes ordered for the show's second season were complete when the actress voluntarily checked into rehab on May 23 at an unspecified clinic.

Butler has been discharged from treatment and returned to the production Monday, the trade newspaper Variety reported Tuesday.

The premiere of the second season is set to debut Sunday, with the first two episodes running back-to-back. Later shows will air regularly on Mondays.

It was unclear how the delay in shooting would affect the scheduling of later episodes.

Butler, 31, who co-starred in the 1994 film Drop Zone, has developed a cult following from the comic-book inspired Witchblade, which started on TNT as a TV movie in 2000.