Partial List of Injured

The following is a partial list of those injured in the climbing accident on Mount Hood on Thursday, and those injured when the rescue helicopter crashed.



No information yet available.


— Christopher Kern, 40, of New York City. Serious condition with broken pelvis, wrist, shoulder and leg.

— Thomas Hillman, 45, of Windsor, Calif. Serious condition with a head injury, contusions and possible hypothermia.

— Jeremiah Moffitt, 26, of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue. Good condition with a possible broken hand, lacerations.

— Harry Slutter, 43, of New York City. Fair condition with broken jaw, laceration to the left eye.



— Martin Mills, 36, of Portland, flight engineer. Upgraded from critical to serious condition with a broken wrist, internal injuries and a possible broken leg.

— Capt. Grant E. Dysle, 34, pilot, treated and released.

— Capt. Kelvin B Scribner, 37, pilot, treated and released.

— Second Lt. Ross S. Wilson, 37, combat rescue officer, treated and released.

— Staff Sgt. Andrew V. Canfield, 28, pararescue specialist, good condition with facial abrasions and injuries to his neck muscle.

— Staff Sgt. Darrin Shore, 43, pararescue specialist, fair condition with a fractured left leg and rib.