Hugh Grant, Jar Jar Binks, Mini-Me and Will Ferrell

Hugh Grant, Jar Jar Binks, Mini-Me and Will Ferrell in the glow of The Foxlight

Hugh Grant claims he had no idea he turned things around in late night. The About A Boy star gave us a blank stare when we repeated Jay Leno's now famous query: "What the hell were you thinking?" (in reference to the infamous Divine Brown incident). We went on to ask if Grant found it amusing that Jay was lagging in the ratings before he told his little tale on The Tonight Show and has been winning ever since. Again, Grant played dumb. That English humor is soooo dry.

The guy who voices Jar Jar Binks says another movie sidekick stole his thunder during Phantom Menace — and the same evildoer is back to rival him this summer. Jar Jar says Mini-Me, from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, knocked him off the pop culture map, and he'll be back to do the same when Goldmember is released this summer. Jar Jar also says he doesn't understand all the hatred towards the character, doesn't find him racist and can't do the voice for anyone other than George Lucas.

Finally, it was Will "Farewell" Ferrell on Saturday Night. His last appearance as a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live was on this weekend. But something tells me his Bush impression will be back for guest shots — especially if he has a new movie or TV show to promote.

And while we're talking movies, let's wish him better luck that some of his other SNL alum. And please, no 'Cheerleaders' movie. I agree with Entertainment Weekly. Give him a sitcom.