Julia Roberts, Dionne Warwick and Kato Kaelin

Julia Roberts, Dionne Warwick and Kato Kaelin in the seventeenth minute of fame we illuminate harshly with a Foxlight.

Remember Julia Roberts' tear filled performance on Capitol Hill the other day? In upswept hair and un-Erin outfit she championed a disease called Retts Syndrome. Fine, I hope it does some good. But get this, on The Rosie O'Donnell Show the next day she said she's making a movie about discovering the gene that stops the disease. In other words, this cause celeb, is also a nice plug for an upcoming movie. As the church lady would say "How convenient!"

So Dionne Warwick doesn't just have psychic friends, apparently she also has psychedelic friends. The singer was busted for pot in her carry-on luggage over the weekend in Miami.

Finally, remember the Saturday Night Live sketch about the guests who wouldn't leave? We call him Kato Kaelin. Now he's hawking a new reality show called House Guest. He knocks on your door and moves in with a camera crew. This should have us all relieved when it's just the Jehovah's Witnesses.