Throw the Book at the Pipe Bomb Terrorist

President Bush has said that we will fight terrorism wherever it is, and that if you harbor terrorists you are a terrorist.

These are words this country should live by. If that gives us reason enough to chase Usama bin Laden around, or to put Taliban Johnny on trial, then it gives us enough reason to go for the gusto in the case of this little dope named Luke Helder.

This is the kid who's been driving around leaving pipe bombs in mailboxes in Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado. He had plans to put another 16 in various mailboxes in Texas and other states.

His bombs hurt some people, mostly elderly ladies. He had people wondering if we had members of Al Qaeda running loose.

When he got caught, he flashed that stupid Matt Damon grin. I think he expects he's going to get treated with kid gloves because he's a nice, little white college boy who never hurt anybody and who everybody says is a good kid.

Check out what his father said:

"I really want you to know that Luke is not a dangerous person. I think he's just trying to make a statement about the way our government is run. I think Luke wants people to listen to his ideas and not enough people are hearing him. And he thinks this may help."

Bear in mind that this was before his precious baby was taken into custody.

I think something in that father's demeanor and attitude tells us why his son turned out to be a very dangerous domestic terrorist.

Yes… terrorist. Not college boy, not frat prankster, not young man who has lost his way. He is a terrorist.

This kid should be locked up in a cell next to Taliban Johnny. He should have the book thrown at him too.

He wanted attention? So he put bombs in people's mailboxes? That's outrageous. This country should wipe that silly smile off his face with the nastiest, meanest, most uncomfortable prison we have.

We should show other spoiled, little white college boys that life is real. When they behave like terrorists, this country is going to treat them like terrorists — same as if they were Mohammed Atta or Marwan Al-Shehhi

White, black, brown, Arab, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrian...
who cares? If you bomb us, you go away until you have precious little life left to enjoy.

That's My Word.

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