Iraq Plan of Action Is Clear

So the Europeans can't figure out why we're so obsessed with Saddam Hussein.

The Brits are calling their Prime Minister Tony Blair "Bush's poodle" because he's sticking by the U.S. in its resolve put Saddam out of work.

The Brits are demanding — along with the rest of Europe — documentary evidence that Saddam is either connected to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, or that he cooked up weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

Blair was, in fact, all set to deliver the book and verse on Saddam's WMD program — the indictment, if you will — at the end of March, but the Middle east blew up and it's all been put off until President Bush can drag the Arab states back in off the ledge.

Time magazine is now reporting that Saddam has all the makings of a nice little bomb, except for one crucial ingredient: He has the trigger, he has the housing, but he's short the enriched plutonium. He's trying to buy the stuff on the black market, but hey... you can't buy everything on the black market, or at least we hope you can't.

If Saddam can buy the plutonium, he's got his bomb tomorrow. That's comforting, isn't it? If he has to enrich the plutonium himself, he may have to wait three years or so...

Time reports that Iraqi defectors say that at Saddam's last big military parade he got all tweaked and started firing his gun in celebration when his new missile passed in review, accompanied by soldiers in chemical weapons suits.

His new missile is thought to have the range to reach Europe...

Okay, back to the top. Why is it the Europeans are so anxious for the U.S. not to hit Saddam? He'd have to use a truck to drive his bomb to the U.S., but he might be able to fire a rocket at, say, France.

Saddam has never been a world traveler. Blowing up the Notre Dame wouldn't mean much to him.

Should we not believe Time magazine? The Europeans better hope they're wrong.

That's My Word.

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