Renee Zellweger, Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

One post Oscar question I bounced around was how about a television series for Bridget Jones?

Would Neilsen diaries have lots of those entries? And can they get Renee Zellweger to reprise the role? With enough pounds in the paycheck anything is possible. But please, you can't shoot it in L.A. And I think it would make a better hour-long dramedy than half hour sitcom.

Now that Showtime is off to that or any of the other cable networks, can we please get Eddie Murphy a comedy that's inspired without a fat suit or animated cartoon character?

He can probably crank Shreks out for the rest of his career and buy Neptune as a summer home. But c'mon Eddie, we want to see you in something like Trading Places. You told the Foxlight that was the last time you really enjoyed making a movie.

Finally, it looks like Watching Ellie got a reprieve from NBC. The network has given her two extra episodes. But Elaine better increase her ratings or NBC may tell the Seinfeld alum to "get out!"