The Razzies Finger Tom Green

Tom Green needs all five fingers to count the number of movie booby-prizes he received for Freddy Got Fingered.

His much-reviled comedy was named worst picture of last year on Saturday at the Golden Raspberry Awards, an annual spoof held on the eve of the Academy Awards.

Green also was chosen as worst actor and director for Freddy Got Fingered, shared the worst screenplay award with co-writer Derek Harvie and was cited for worst screen couple — "Tom Green and any animal he abuses."

Green became the first actor in the 22-year history of the "Razzies" to show up at the group's ceremony to collect his prizes — gold-painted, raspberry-shaped trophies whose materials include lids from iced tea jars, Super-8mm film reels and wood-grain shelf paper.

Razzies founder John Wilson said the awards cost $4.79 each and that he "made them the other day on my patio."

"I'd just like to say to all the other nominees in the audience, I don't think that I deserve it anymore than the rest of you," Green said as he accepted the worst picture award. "I'd like to say that. I don't think that it would be true, though."

Green, dressed in a tuxedo, rode up in a 1960-era luxury car, stepped out of the back and then rolled a length of cheap red carpet to walk on as he entered a magic shop with a small theater used for the awards.

Mariah Carey was dishonored as worst actress for Glitter. The singer's cleavage also had been nominated for worst screen couple, running second in that category to Green, whose antics included a lewd act involving a horse.

The Razzies are chosen by the group's 520 members.

For worst picture, Freddy Got Fingered handily out-polled Sylvester Stallone's Driven, Carey's Glitter, the war epic Pearl Harbor and Kevin Costner's 3000 Miles to Graceland, Wilson said.

Green "set out to make something stupid and offensive. It's got bestiality, incest, child abuse. Uggh," Wilson said. "If it is an intentionally bad movie, it is the Citizen Kane of intentionally bad movies."

The only other Razzies winner ever to show up to collect his award was Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven.

Other Razzies "winners":

— Worst supporting actor: Charlton Heston, Cats & Dogs, Planet of the Apes and Town & Country.

— Worst supporting actress: Estella Warren, Driven and Planet of the Apes.

— Worst remake or sequel: Planet of the Apes.