Let's Find Tim McVeigh's Pal John Doe No. 2

The Justice Department has released the results of its investigation into the missing document case that briefly held up the execution of Tim McVeigh.

The DOJ concluded that it was all inadvertent, and didn't really affect the way the McVeigh was tried or decided.

What wasn't mentioned was the claim by Jayna Davis, a reporter for KFOR in Oklahoma City, who says she tried several times — with a lawyer in tow — to give the government affidavits from people who saw McVeigh in the company of a John Doe no. 2. The witnesses saw the two men together at a motel, drinking beer and riding in a Ryder truck.

These claims led Jayna Davis to the hypothesis that John Doe no. 2 was a guy named Hussein al Husseini — an Iraqi who emigrated to the U.S. after the Gulf War, where he served in Saddam's army. He found his way to Oklahoma City about seven months before the Murrah Building bombing.

The Feds rejected Jayna Davis' material, telling her they didn't want to have to turn it over to the defense. They had their case against McVeigh. It was solid, and they didn't need any new information about a John Doe no. 2. In fact, they decided he didn't exist.

It is evident that in those days, a possible Iraqi didn't seem all that important.

Today… according to Larry Johnson, a FOX News analyst and former CIA agent, Hussein al Husseini can't be found and he's on a terror watch list.

The Feds didn't really need to worry about the defense raising a ruckus about an Iraqi being John Doe no. 2, because the defense had decided that he was a black helicopter, militia guy. Millions were spent on trying to find him in Oklahoma's militia zone around Elohim City.

Why wouldn't McVeigh say anything about his Iraqi pal, if it were true?

I think McVeigh was happy to go to his death as a martyr in the anti-big-government movement, but he was not willing to die as a collaborator with the enemy he fought in the Gulf War. That is treason, and would have been deeply embarrassing.

Now ... maybe somebody should find Mr. al Husseini. We need to go over a few things with him once and for all.

That's My Word.

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