Training Day, Riding in Cars with Boys and Donnie Darko

Training Day, Riding in Cars with Boys and Donnie Darko in the flashing DVD glow of the Foxlight.

Does Denzel deserve an Oscar for Training Day? Should Ethan Hawke have even been nominated? You cast the imaginary Oscar ballot Tuesday when Training Day gets its' video and DVD debut. I thought Denzel was way over the top as the Mr. Chips to Ethan's less than adoring student. Even people who like the film admit it spins a little out of control at the end. Tough day.

From riding in cars with cops to....

Riding in Cars with Boys. This is the Penny Marshall based on a true story of a plucky gal who does everything wrong and gets everything right. If that sound trite, well, it was one of the film's taglines, so sue a different writer. Speaking of writers, that's what Drew Barrymore wants to be. And remember, the Foxlight rule is any movie with Steve Zahn in it is worth a look.

Speaking of the Former Mrs. Tom Green, she has a cameo in the offbeat and underloved Donnie Darko. In fact there are a lot of great cameos in the rabbit's tale about a kid getting orders for mayhem from a giant bunny. And not the kind Hugh Hefner hangs with. Depending on your point of view, this thing is either very original or very something else. So there, I warned you — sort of.