Parting Thoughts on The Fighting Whiteys

Finally someone has done something smart about race relations. 

Ryan White, John Messner and Charles Cuny, students at Northern Colorado University, decided to protest a local high school's designation as the Fighting Reds not by getting mad, but by getting famous. 

"Our objective," they write on their Web site, was to make a straightforward statement using humor."  And in that vein, they're calling their intramural basketball team "The Fighting Whiteys," slogan: "Everythang's going to be all white." 

They've also produced a logo, which you see, cranked out t- shirts, set up a scholarship fund, and got massive publicity.  Well, good for them. 

Racial harmony is not hard.  It's a matter of common sense. Treat people like what they are:  people.  Don't discriminate on the basis of skin color, don't obsess, and don't devote all your waking hours to made-up grievances and causes of action. 

The Fighting Whiteys have come up with a most potent elixir for human harmony, one that is almost always absent from racial politics.

That magic potion is laughter.