Dennis Quaid, David Letterman and ER

Hollywood marriages, Regis, David Letterman, Fox boxing and ER needs a defibrillator in the flatline glare of The Foxlight.

Dennis Quaid says instead of being heartbroken, he sowed a lot of wild oats after his break up with Meg Ryan. Quaid bragged that he had been a one woman man since he was 23, either married to Ryan or in exclusive one-on-one relationships. But that changed as soon as the pair split.

Winking and nodding to Larry King  on Tuesday night, Quaid should be glad he's a hit with the ladies since his hits at the box office are probably heartbreaking for his agent.

Regis Philbin demanded a retraction from David Letterman, but didn't get one on Tuesday night's show. Letterman told audiences the other night that ABC offered him sex with Regis if Dave signed with them. Reege jokingly claimed he's gotten hundreds of calls from men.

Thought Fox was paying a lot to those fringe stars for boxing? Would you believe less than $30,000 for Tonya Harding? That's what she told Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night. She wouldn't give an exact number, but did say it was over $15,000 but wasn't more than $30,000. And she said she might do it again.

Finally, does ER need to be resuscitated? For the second week in a row, more people were watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation than ER. Who would have thought Quincy with gadgets could topple one of the biggest shows on TV?

And that's the always freshly dusted Hollywood crime scene we put a chalk outline around every day in the bright interrogation room glare of The Foxlight.