Tip Sheet for the Week of March 11 - March 15

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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST:  Here's the Tip Sheet for next week's action.

Item one, Republicans will be scrambling to find a candidate for the  Tennessee Senate seat being vacated by Fred Thompson.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST:  I think the scramble's over.  It's going to be Lamar  Alexander.  It looks like the Senate campaign committee and the White House  are going to back him.

KONDRACKE:  And no Al Gore on the Democratic side.

BARNES:  None.

KONDRACKE:  OK.  Item two, Monday marks the sixth-month anniversary of  the September 11 attacks.

BARNES:  Well, you know, the president's going to talk to a large  crowd, about 1,300, somewhere about 300 family members of people killed on  September 11, and, you know, he's going to outline what he plans further in  the war on terrorism.  But there's an important thing here, and that is  that we never forget September 11.

KONDRACKE:  I think that the towers of light in New York are dynamite.

BARNES:  Indeed.

KONDRACKE:  Item three, the Senate will finally vote on the nomination  of Judge Charles Pickering to the court of appeals.

BARNES:  You know, Republicans are still trying to get a Democratic  vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They're probably not going to get  one.  But they're going to prolong this fight so they can show that the  Democrats have been really abusive and are just responding to these liberal  interest groups and make it a Pyrrhic victory for them if they block Judge  Pickering and make it easier for later Republican nominees to get through.

KONDRACKE:  A White House failure.

Item four, Texas holds primaries next week, and all eyes are on the  Democratic primary for governor.  The race pits two Hispanic candidates,  businessman Tony Sanchez and former Texas attorney general Dan Morales.

BARNES:  Well, Sanchez, who backed Bush for governor in '94 and '98,  is probably going to win and be the Democratic candidate.  He'll be an  underdog.  Republicans tried to get two Latinos to run in the Senate race,  but they couldn't get them in there.  It's an open seat, Phil Gramm  leaving.

KONDRACKE:  Right.  Item number five, the D.C. Boxing and Wrestling  Commission will hold a public hearing to decide the fate of Iron Mike  Tyson's boxing license.


KONDRACKE:  You're going to go to this, right?

BARNES:  ... yes, well, do you think anybody's going to go and say,  Mike Tyson's a wonderful guy, we want him here in town?  You know?  I mean,  I think the – we're going to get both Mike Tyson and Marion Barry again,  mayor for life.

KONDRACKE:  (UNINTELLIGIBLE), it's too bad we...

BARNES:  He's running.

KONDRACKE:  ... it's too bad we don't have...

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