Where Are Our Geneva Convetion Rights?

It's almost predictable, but I'm going to do it anyway: Where is the outrage over the execution of Neil Roberts?

I expected The Guardian newspaper in the U.K., or The Independent — the ones that shouted 'torture' over the pictures of Al Qaeda detainees at Gitmo — to express some dismay at the execution of an American solider who, literally, fell into the hand of the enemy.

Who's the scum of the earth now? That's what they were saying about us because we were feeding the Afghan prisoners Fruit Loops and didn't give them their musical instruments. It's true. They didn't get to form an oompah band. Then again, we didn't shoot them either.

But here's Neil Roberts tumbling out of the back of a chopper, falling onto the ground... where three Al Qaeda members grab him, drag him off and shoot him. That's what Roberts' commanding officer says he saw on the video beamed back by the Predator overhead.

You would think the conscience of the world —  including the Brit, French and German press — would pass a little judgement.

Our conscience-wracked allies hide their anti-Americanism behind a phony claim of high-mindedness. They would never lecture the Al Qaeda or the Taliban unless it was over women's rights or blowing up mountain-size Buddhas. That stuff is important. An American killed while captive is not.

But really, what did we expect? Americans have never been accorded the Geneva conventions. Ask John McCain. This is about par for the course. It's wrong and brutally ugly, but it's par nonetheless.

It's just fun to hold the rest of the world to their own standards. You would think they would be out there to prove they are not simply anti-American, but even-handed and fair. That would call for — at the very least — some mumbling about Al Qaeda and Taliban forces living up to the accords they want applied to their own guys at Gitmo.

All this proves is that we should pay no attention to the carping from our 'friends', not that we ever did.

That's My Word.

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