Today's Celebrity Buzz

Elton John, bad movies and an ice cream company in the sweet glare of the Foxlight.

Want to know if Elton John is a Goobers or Raisinettes man? Here's a tip from People magazine: Elton likes to go to the mall while he's visiting a town and catch a movie or two in the afternoon. So just stake out the multiplex if his concert tour comes your way. He's the one with the sequined top hat behind the big round sunglasses.

Next, move over Ebert and Roeper, a new rag tag team of Hollywood insiders has formed something called "The Bad Movie Club." 40 Days and 40 Nights is just one they considered seeing over the weekend. The thumbs down writers, producers, actors and directors will meet once a week, then give us the bad news. Quipped one, "We'd have made it a good movie club but we could only go every four months."

Speaking of movies, an ice cream company called Cold Stone Creamery has their Oscar nominees. "In The Berryroom," "Praline Rouge," "A Beautiful Mint," "Lord of The Swirls" and "Toffee Park" are competing. Cute. Will these winners be announced on a 'sundae?' Sorry. Also, half way through "A Beautiful Mint" do you discover some unexpected ingredients?