Choices in the War on Terror

I've complained about a war or two in my time — who hasn't?

But I think I've got a bone to pick with Daschle et al about their complaints about this war.

Senator Daschle and a boatload of democrats are starting to stake out the anti-war position, saying roughly, that we don't like the fact that bin Laden hasn't been caught and we don't like the fact that many many billions are going to be spent on this thing with no end in sight.

That's a rough paraphrase but you get the idea.

Here's my beef with the Democrats' complaints.

First, we don't have Usama. Yes, we'd like to have Usuama and Mullah Omar, but we don't. It certainly was not for lack of trying. Hard to figure how another military strategy would have produced a better outcome and the Dems certainly haven't offered anything specific.

Instead, this is being offered as simply a "you screwed up" criticism.

Well, maybe Bush did screw up in not finding Usama, but somebody please be specific. What could he or Rummy or the rest have done different?

Next, the Dems are complaining about the money. They know this war is going to crowd out some of their favorite spending programs, so they're mad about that. And they know we're going to run deficits and that's going to crowd out some of their spending programs.

But what is the alternative? Return to the days of a Democratic administration that evidently pretended these problems didn't exist? Return to the glory days when a Democratic president wouldn't even meet with his CIA director? Return to a Democratic administration that let the FAA open the airports to anybody with a box-cutter and a bad attitude?

So what do the Democrats want to do that is so different than what Bush wants to do?

Less? Fewer dollars for the military? Fewer dollars for security?

Slower? More oversight from Congress, taking up more time before a plan can be implemented?

America is going to have to choose. The Bush plan — more and quicker. Or the Daschle plan — less and slower.

Far be it from me to cast aspersions, but isn't the Daschle way what got us into trouble in the first place? Just asking.

That's My Word.

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