Parting Thoughts

Even though a fresh complement of U.S. troops is heading into Afghanistan to take on remaining Taliban and Al Qaeda factions, there's a lot of impatience around the country about the next steps in the war.

Should our troops crush terrorist cells through swift and terrible force? Should citizens step up surveillance of shady characters?

I suppose both of those make sense, but we also need to remember that the real enemy is a tactic: terrorism. As today's bombing in Israel proves, terrorists want to hurl their victims into confusion and blind fear.

The president proposed pretty sound countermeasures the other day when he suggested that, along with our other duties, we might want to spend a little more time taking care of our families and neighbors, reminding each other not only that we're in this together, but also that we are luckily to live in a society that celebrates goodness and selflessness and figures the path to heaven is paved with righteousness, kindness and love, rather than bombs strapped to people's chests.