Taxing Times

Get ready, higher taxes are coming.

Not at the federal level — at least not yet. But, if our Molly Falconer is right, taxes are almost assuredly rising at the state and local level.

All I want to know is why?

Because you are running budget deficits? Because you are taking in more than you thought? Well, I've got a novel idea: spend less than you want.

I mean, is it me, or is the knee jerk reaction of so many towns and municipalities to hike rather than hack?

Just think about yourself.

You're spending way too much money. You'd probably love to give yourself a fat pay hike. But your boss isn't complying. So, you have to cut back on the spending. It isn't easy. But neither is going bankrupt.

So you, like millions of other folks in this country, tighten your belt and suck it up.

Now, all I'm asking is why can't our various governments — at all levels — do the same?

I'll tell you why. Because they're not genetically built that way. The common sense gene isn't there.

The one that says spend no more than what you take in is like a Y-chromosome turned X.

It is far easier to add a fee or hike a real estate tax and somehow try to invisibly pass it on than to cut a so-called vital service. One question though: vital for whom? The people who get it, or the bureaucrats whose careers depend on it?

And just because the issue isn't in the national headlines, doesn't mean it isn't in the headlines. Just check your local paper.

Read it and weep, my friends, because it's happening.

And now.

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