Better Safe Than Sorry

Would you rather be inconvenienced or dead?

By now you've heard the story of how Michigan Congressman John Dingell had to strip to his skivvies before satisfying airport security officials at Reagan National.

And you've no doubt heard about other similar bigwigs who, God forbid, had to suffer the indignities of tighter security.

Folks like New Jersey Senator Bob Torricelli, who couldn't get on a flight because he didn't have a photo I.D. Or even Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, who had to endure a 10-minute search until screeners discovered an aluminum-wrapped Altoid mint.

These are big hassles for big guys. And some, pretty embarrassing. But welcome to the new world, guys. It's tough for you and tough for us. But you know what, as big a pain in the neck as it is, I'd rather be safe and sure, than guessing and wondering.

It wasn't that long ago that we were blasting security guys for being too lax: letting people on planes with knives, even guns. Now we're knocking them for being a bit too protective.

I say, protect away.

I know the wait is longer and it's a pain. I know the crowds are restless and that's a pain. But I also know that I like being alive, before I get on the plane and after I get off the plane. And if that means you want me to strip to my skivvies to make doubly sure of that, then so be it.

Just please do it in a private room.

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