Parting Thoughts

TONY SNOW, HOST:  In two days, most Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, venerates vital virtues: devotion, humility, righteousness, mercy, honesty, fidelity and charity. 

But it differs from the other great Western faiths in two key respects:  It asserts that God came to earth as a man not only to lay down the law but live it.  And secondly, it organizes itself less around rules than an emotion, love.  No religion talks as often or fervently about it. 

This obliges Christians to practice what we preach:  resist resentment, hatred and envy; love even our enemies as children of God; and demonstrate faith by celebrating the gift of life in showing kindness to others. 

That part isn't unique.  The great religions all make us humble. They draw us together. 

While we Americans now feel a sudden pressing need for humility and brotherhood, we shouldn't act as if this were something new.  The call for solidarity rings through the ages in the familiar words of angels and the midnight cry that shapes our ambitions and leavens our lives:  Peace on Earth, good will toward men. 

To one and all, we at Fox News Sunday wish you a happy and blessed holiday season.  And we'll see you next week.