Anger in America

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Anger in America is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.  Driving me personally crazy that the U.S. has not found bin Laden and Omar yet, just a frustrating situation.  Watching that bin Laden tape last week rekindled my anger toward those savages who want to kill innocent people in the name of God.

But there's little I can do about any of this even though I'm on the front lines of the information flow.  The military has the power.  And every other American is just a bystander.

Repressed anger usually finds its way out, and in just a few moments, we'll report on the terrible conduct of some in Cleveland and New Orleans at football games.  Is there a link with 9/11?  Could be.

But as the season of peace approaches in America, many of us find ourselves wanting to lash out at the terrorists, but we can't.  And if we lash out anyway, that's where the trouble begins.

Misdirected anger always causes problems.  I think Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were angry when they made those dopey comments after 9/11 about God being fed up with America.  I think Jesse Jackson is angry at white America, and that's why he cynically continues to manipulate the system for his own gain.  He despises the system.

And I think John Ashcroft is angry his guys can't catch the anthrax people.  So Mr. Ashcroft is going to take action even if that action may intrude on the Constitution.

This anger thing is a powerful force, but if one is to be successful in life, it has to be controlled.  This morning Suffolk County on Long Island awarded me a proclamation for helping the 9/11 families with the charity business.  And it's funny, because my anger drove that story.  I was teed off that the Red Cross and the United Way were so arrogant about being proactive in contacting the families.

And then we found out about the money logjam.  Well, the rest is history.

Anger motivated me in that story, but methodical reporting won the day.  I had to put my anger aside and see the situation clearly, because it's very complicated.

Now, people think I'm mad at George Clooney.  I'm not, and I'm not angry at the charities, as long as they do what they say they're going to do.  So the anger of Americans toward the terrorists is a good thing, as long as we control it.  But it would be good for the rest of the world to realize that millions of Americans are in no mood for the brutality of Hamas, for example, or the treachery of Saddam Hussein.

Our anger may make the world a better place, or a more dangerous place.  Just depends on how we control it.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." 

Just a word to those of you  waiting for signed books.  I've signed more than 30,000 bookplates for The No Spin Zone.  And the books are on their way to you.  Santa has a hernia.  But if you got your order in or around December 10, then the books could be a little late.  We'll give you a refund if you want it.  That's no problem.

But I will sign everything, even if it kills me.  By the way, some people have been amazed that The No Spin Zone remains at number, one, but here's what I think's going on.  After September 11, millions of young Americans suddenly realized they live in a country, a place that matters.  So they're paying more attention to important things.  We see it in the mail here.

Now, many parents and grandparents are buying The No Spin Zone book for their kids,  because it will get them in the game.  It deals with important issues, but uses people like Puff Daddy and Susan Sarandon to do it.  So they'll read it.  My theory may be ridiculous, but that's my take.

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