Below the Fold

Let's check out some political stories we found this week below the fold.  

From the groves of academe, officials at the College of New Jersey have asked a student Alris Poley (ph) to remove the flag draped from his dormitory window.  College mouthpieces say the flag could be a fire hazard.  They don't say why they waited until Friday to make the demand.  After all, Alris Poley's been flying the flag for a month.  

The British Broadcasting Company is refusing to call the September 11 slaughter an act of terror.  Says Mark Damesur (ph), its deputy director of news, "However appalling and disgusting it was, there will nevertheless be a constituency of your listeners who don't regard it as terrorism.  Describing it as such could downgrade your status as an impartial and independent broadcaster."  

Well, Sir Paul McCartney has no trouble with the allied campaign. Says the former Beatle, "Normally you're a pacifist and you don't want any kind of war at all.  But occasionally something so atrocious happens that there's got to be some kind of response.  After the New York attack, my attitude was like screw you, man, just screw you. I've got kids in London."