Today's Celebrity Buzz

Ethan Hawke, Bridget Fonda, Harry Potter and Garth Brooks in the comeback glare of The Foxlight.

How grungy does Ethan Hawke look in the new independent film, Tape? One reviewer says Hawke has never looked so unattractive in a film. He takes that as a compliment. Mister Uma Thurman says Hollywood usually makes actors look like they're from "the glamour species."

And does Bridget Fonda need a new agent? First Monkeybone and now she has to get work as an underwear model for Swedish fashion retailer H&M? Uh-oh.

Prediction: Harry Potter will break all box office records this weekend. It's opening in more theaters than any other film ever has. But will it sink Titanic's record? No way. It's not that magical. And the most chilling reason is some kids don't want to see it because they like the books so much and prefer the images in their heads.

Finally, what happened to Garth Brooks' retirement? He's taking the Celine Dion plan. He's doing three live concerts over the next three weeks, and they all are going to be televised on CBS. Brooks has been playing Mister Mom at home. But how will he do three concerts and make each one different? No alter egos, Garth, please.