Below the Fold

 Now let's check out some political stories we found this week below the fold.

CNN has dropped its prohibition against calling terrorists "terrorists."But it now has a new description of Osama bin Laden. The network calls him a "dissident."

The International Olympic Committee is calling for a truce during the Winter Olympics.IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge says, "We will, as usual, call for an Olympic truce."And as usual, the warring parties will ignore it.

Marcelee Graylap (ph), director of the Boulder Public Library in Colorado, recently refused to fly a 10-by-15 foot flag from the facilities flag pole, saying the display could have compromised the library's objectivity.

Nevertheless, she has found something to run up the mast in salute, an art exhibit featuring a clothesline secured at one end by a noose, from which dangle 21 knitted cozies filled with ceramic reproductions of male reproductive organs.

You supply the punch line.

Sixteen-year-old Alena Labyeteva (ph) shocked fellow Latvians this week by flogging Britain's Prince Charles with a red carnation. Latvian officials, signalling their determination to suppress terrorism, are threatening to throw her in the slammer for 15 years.

And the September 11 Fund, affiliated with United Way, has given $171,000 to the Legal Aid Society, which now is defending eight suspects being held in New York for possible complicity in the September 11 massacres.