Today's Celebrity Buzz

Frasier post 9/11, a Dallas star on getting high and Samuel L. Jackson in a skirt  sort of  all in the harsh dressing room glare of The Foxlight.

Kelsey Grammer wants Frasier to deal with the events and the emotional aftermath of Sept. 11. But David Hyde Pierce, his co-star, says no way.

Grammer says the sitcom is a "contemporary show," and "to completely ignore it would probably be a mistake." But, Pierce says Frasier is for laughs, though sometimes the show will "move people." He says people often ask him to deal with Alzheimer's on the show because it's a cause he works on. But he says he doesn't believe the show is the place to deal with that or with Sept. 11.

On a considerably lighter note, Larry Hagman says he was dreaming of more than Jeannie the first time he made love after smoking pot. He was with his wife, but says he hallucinated. He also says when he dies he wants to be put through a "chipper shredder" Fargo style. Can you tell he's pushing a new book? It's called Hello Darlin: Tall and Absolutely True Tales About My Life.

And, Samuel L. Jackson has taken up wearing a kilt, which he likes to wear Scottish style. That means without underwear. Jackson wore a kilt to the London premiere of his upcoming movie, 51st State. Jackson says the only time he won't wear the kilt au naturel is when the weather's too cold or the camera angle might be too revealing. Thanks from all of us, Sam.