Today's Celebrity Buzz

CBS, Bette Midler and Kate Beckinsale in the 'Serendipitious' glow of The Foxlight.

Anthrax has claimed another victim. CBS has yanked an episode of The Agency that deals with an anthrax threat. It was supposed to air Sept. 27 but was pulled after the attacks.

The episode was rescheduled for last Thursday and bumped that night by Bush's primetime news conference, then again this week. And, now, it's been postponed indefinitely. I'm not sure it wouldn't have helped us understand the bacteria a little better, but I don't run CBS.

Bette Midler is getting ready to do a fundraiser, but she tells Liz Smith, "You know, they are always talking about how only a few people have been asked to make a sacrifice. Surely we don't have to be 'asked' every day. We just have to do it and keep doing it. New York has to come back and go forward." Nothing bawdy about that Bette-ism.

For a while there, Kate Beckinsale couldn't keep straight who she was kissing. She started filming Serendipity before she finished Pearl Harbor. They saved the kissing scenes with for last in Pearl Harbor, and filming on Serendipity started with the kissing scenes. She says she shuttled back and forth between New York and Los Angeles "madly kissing three different men" for two weeks.

P.S., Kate says Serendipity is a lot like the way she met her real boyfriend. Awwwwwww.

And that's the seldom sentimental but every now and then we get gushy world of celebrity kisses, misses and occasional disses we shine in the bright afterglow of The Foxlight.