Kidman's Getting Over Tom

Nicole Kidman has moved on since her divorce to fellow Hollywood star Tom Cruise, and she hopes others will follow suit.

"Everyone keeps asking me all the time, 'How are you? How are you?' I mean divorce is divorce and it's a really tough thing to go through," Kidman said in a television interview aired Saturday on the British Broadcasting Corp. "You have to pick yourself up and move forward and that is what I am doing."

Did the divorce sour her on the institution of marriage? "Oh no, I'd love to get married again," she said.

Kidman described her 11-year relationship with Cruise as a "fish bowl" that sometimes forced the couple to take extreme measures to protect their privacy. But it was an obstacle that often proved to have romantic consequences.

"We would see cities at night," she said. "We broke into the Coliseum — climbed the fences and broke in. It's a way of dealing with being really well known, but still being able to see a city like Rome."