Cher and Britney, Star Wars and the Farrah Flap

Cher and Britney, Star Wars and the Farrah flap all in the warm glow of the Foxlight.

Cher says she won't be performing with Britney Spears in that upcoming Las Vegas concert. There go my vacation plans. Actually, Cher says she'd been looking forward to it. Maybe the room in Vegas couldn't handled two lip synched music tracks.

Apparently the force is with many Brits filling out census forms in England. So many people have written "Jedi Knight" as their religion that the government has assigned it a separate code during counting. That doesn't mean the government considers it an official religion. There had been an e-mail campaign to get people Star Wars fans or not to write in "Jedi Knight" on the religion line. It seems to have worked.

And what's all this about Farrah Fawcett gaining a lot of weight? She looked fine on David Letterman the other night. Turns out she's "packed on" seven pounds and is up to a whopping 123 pounds. The only reason I'm even talking about this story is it proves we're all getting back to abnormal.