Today's Celeb Buzz

Ellen, the Olsen twins and an offer you can't refuse all the in candlelit Italian restaurant glow of The Foxlight.

Ellen DeGeneres is "very emotional and somewhat devastated" by the Emmys show being called off. Producers say she had "put a lot of effort and a lot of time and a lot of personal emotion into this." Oh, well, then I guess we should have had them. Jeez. She did have one good joked planned. After Walter Cronkite was going to open the show, Ellen's monologue included the line, "Obviously, it's every comedian's dream  to follow Walter Cronkite."

Wasn't it just yesterday the Olsen twins were playing little Michelle Tanner on Full House? Now they're talking about getting their first cars. They turned 15 in June. Mary-Kate tells TV Guide they'll get their learners permits in December. Their dad says that's when they'll each get their own Range Rover. Glad to see the money hasn't gone to their heads.

Finally, if you're looking for a diversion from all the war news, be first in line for the new Godfather DVDs. Then prepare to stay in the house for about a month. This five disc set is more addictive than Clemenza's cannolis Corleone family trees, hours and hours and hours of behind the scenes goodies and Coppla narrating all three movies including a lot of back pedaling about casting his daughter in Godfather III. Go to the mattresses, this one is worth the $70.