Taliban Try to Gun Down Aircraft

The clear sky over the Afghan capital was filled with gunfire Saturday when Taliban forces tried to shoot down a high-flying aircraft.

The staccato reports of anti-aircraft firearms impelled thousands of residents to take to the streets, where they watched the silver, slow-moving plane continue its flight overhead. The origin and type of plane were unknown.

The Taliban Defense Ministry confirmed to Fox News that they tried to shoot down the aircraft, which they believe was a spy plane. The Taliban are also unsure of the plane‚Äôs origin.

The aircraft flew away after a few minutes and the firing ceased. Kabul residents, who have experienced their share of gunfire and explosions after 20 years of bloodshed, resumed their normal activities.

The Pentagon did not comment on the plane.

The Taliban have said drills were conducted with anti-aircraft weapons in recent days. On Saturday, the gunfire was much more intense.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.