War on Terror: Inside Afghanistan

Fox News Correspondent Greg Palkot traveled to Afghanistan for a first-hand look at a country shrouded in mystery after decades of war. This four-part series chronicles his trip:

Part I: In a Timeless Land, Modern World and Ancient Beliefs Collide
Part II: While United Nations and Taliban Argue, Afghans Endure Drought, Famine
Part III: Bin Laden Continues to Elude U.S. Grasp
Part IV: Taliban Chalk Up Rare Victory in War on Drugs

As American soldiers get ready to take on terrorism, we'll take you where very few western cameras have been... Inside Afghanistan.

This weekend, join host Jon Scott as Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot brings you a firsthand account of this mysterious land.

We'll show you the brutality of the country's ruling party, the Taliban, and the plight of the people who have been beaten down by years of tyranny.

It is believed that terror chief Usama bin Laden is hiding in the hills of Afghanistan.  The Taliban claim that they have lost track of him, but the Bush administration disagrees. We'll take you on the trail of the most wanted man in the world.

Plus, the borders of Afghanistan are closed, but refugees are on the move — seeking an escape from the impending war.  We'll show you their desperate need to escape starvation.