Assignment Danger

Sunday, August 26 at 2 p.m. ET

Hazardous encounters. Close calls. Narrow escapes.

To get their stories, Fox News reporters are often put to the test. Whether it’s in the line of fire, or in the face of the storm, this weekend find out how far Fox News reporters will go to get their stories as Jon Scott hosts Assignment Danger.

Many reporters and cameramen and women seek out dangerous assignments. Why do they do it and how do they prepare? Fox News’ Catherine Herridge takes us inside the reporter's survival school — an essential tool for any journalist on their way to cover a war.

Plus, even with the training how will reporters react in a life or death situation? We’ll show you Fox News reporter David Lee Miller’s very close call.

And, when hurricane season arrives you can count on seeing Fox News reporters like Brett Baier weathering the storm.