Below the Fold

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Let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week below the fold. 

Hollywood sweetheart

Republicans are atwitter about Senator John McCain's choice of holiday guests.  He spent July Fourth with Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman, actor Warren Beatty and his wife Annette Benning and Republican Congressman Lindsey Graham.

Arizona State Senator Scott Bundgaard grouses, "It doesn't set well that Arizona's leading political figure is hobnobbing with liberal Hollywood elitists."

Back to you in Washington

Here's a hot potato for Congress.  The California assembly has passed a resolution urging Congress to study slave reparations.  Los Angeles Democratic State Senator Kevin Murray, sponsor of the resolution, calls it "a necessary and positive step in the process of race relations."

Rubbed the wrong way

New York regulators want to know whether Governor George Pataki is getting help from an unregulated quack.  The governor periodically receives "yogasage" from unlicensed therapist Camille Petrillo.  She describes one technique as "pulling, twisting, cracking, realigning, adjusting, sticking my feet in their back and my toes under their scapula." 

State education pooh-bah Johanna Duncan Poitier questions the propriety of the tension release sessions.  She says the governor's "yogaseuse" may be massaging without proper state authorization and could faces sanctions ranging from jail time to an order to get her toes out of Pataki's scapula. 

Follow the leader

And Kenya's president for life, Daniel arap Moi, has issued an edict that gives new meaning to the term dictator.  In hopes of combating AIDS, he wants all Kenyans to stop having sex for two years. Lots of luck. 

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