Hot Pursuit

Sunday, June 24 at 6 a.m. ET

We are a nation addicted to watching police chases on TV. It's estimated there are more than 100,000 pursuits in the U.S. every year.  But at what cost? 1,810 people were killed in high-speed pursuits in the last five years. One-quarter of them were innocent parties. Was it worth it?

Why are we so addicted? What's the Hollywood connection in this and what's being done to stop the carnage? Trace Gallagher hosts Hot Pursuit, one-hour Fox News Channel Special that investigate the mystique behind the chase.
The Chase Is On
We'll provide an overview of police pursuit from OJ on. How many people are killed and injured each year? What makes people run, and how many actually get away? What are the top ten states for high-speed chases?

Rush To Judgement
After a high-speed pursuit, officers say their adrenaline is pumping, they finally catch the suspect, what happens then? Can cops be expected to keep their cool when the heat is on?

The Cost
You've got the stats, but what about the human side? Personal stories from both sides. A Police Officer's widow and the survivors of a civilian killed by drivers fleeing the police show how deadly serious this can be for everyone involved

High Tech Solutions
There are devices being tested that will allow an officer to stop a fleeing car without chasing it. From spike strips that puncture tires, to the latest in high-tech wizardry, non-lethal solutions are on the way, but will they infringe on our already fleeting sense of freedom?